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Woodworking, Ceramics, Candle making, Life drawing, Epoxy resin art, 3-D design and many more activities to choose from.

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Duration:1 month
Reduced Price:210 
Access with supervision:4x/week

Duration:3 month
Reduced Price:540 (180/m) 
Access with supervision:4x/week

Duration:6 month
Reduced Price:960 (160/m) 
Access with supervision:4x/week

For unlimited access we charge CHF 300 deposit for the keys.
Project storage: free for duration of membership (modestly)
House Rules and Disclaimer to be signed


(those who need individual coaching with their projects)

Duration:1 month
Reduced Price:370 
Access with supervision:1 coached lesson per week

Duration:3 month
Reduced Price:870 (290/month)
Access with supervision:1 coached lesson per week

Duration:6 month
Reduced Price:1440 (240/month)
Access with supervision:1 coachweek

Access to the space: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, later Saturday

Rent a space/workbench


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Kids Courses & Camps


Why woodworking?

Woodworking provides a wide exposure to the use of diverse tools allowing the development of fine- and gross-motor skills. The use of hands and their coordination with the brain and eyes is a fundamental human skill. Wood crafting conveys many areas of academic knowledge, including math, physics, art, to practical skills via project-based projects.

A strong link between planning and execution leads to tangible results, this way enhancing design thinking and human-centered design (Is my product useful? Will it last?). As unlike in digital fabrication, there’s no immediate gratification, students learn that in manual fabrication patience, concentration, understanding of tools and material will lead to a final product.

Why Knock On Wood?

We’ve designed and developed methodologies and projects catering for the 21st-century man and children. Throughout the years we tested and validated these ideas with users of diverse backgrounds as well as we collaborated with schools to co-create fabrication programmes. We have vast experience in working with both adults and youth who have no previous experience in manual fabrications.

What to expect in a summer camp?

Children will be exposed to basic concepts of handling tools and small-scale machinery in a safe environment as well as put design thinking into practice.

By the end of the week they will have several take-away products and will have gained confidence in a workshop environment.

Few project examples:

  • Acoustic mobile phone sound amplifier

  • Nordic lamp

  • All-wood Swiss Army Knife with mechanical parts

  • Home decor items

  • Artistic pieces………………..and many more

Companies & School


Whether it’s team building or you need a new activity in your professional development sessions, craft activities always serve as great tools to achieve your goals in a n innovative manner. Want to learn more, feel free to get in touch.