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Group workshops in the Craft Factory

Roll your sleeves up and get creative in the workshop!

We offer team building and other group workshops in our fully-equipped craft spaces in Geneva, Zurich, and Lausanne.

Scroll to explore our wide range of offers, designed to suit every group size and budget.


The cost of group workshops is impacted by group size, project, and other factors. You can either use the information below to estimate the cost of your desired workshop, or fill the contact form at the bottom of this page for a personalized quote.

Group size discounts (applied to the base price of your chosen product):

  • 4-6 people: 20%

  • 7-10 people: 25%

  • 11+15 people: 30%

  • 16+ people: 35%


For groups of over 20 people, we offer joint workshops with pottery studio KlayIt (Geneva) or ceramic café Ceramic KANVAS (Lausanne).

*Please note: the prices indicated will be discounted depending on group size. Please refer to table above.

We also offer the following catering options: 

  • Hot drinks/salty snacks – free of charge

  • Prosecco/wine/beer – 5 chf p.p.

  • Apéro (cold cuts, cheese, etc.) – 30 chf p.p.

  • Lunch/dinner – upon request

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