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Terms and Conditions

Adult workshops and courses
1. Safety

Everybody who legally resides in Switzerland is obliged to have liability insurance. Knock On Wood take no responsibility in case of accident and everybody uses our workshops and its equipment at his/her own risk. Our team teaches every participant the safest ways of using tools and machines. These guidelines must be respected at all times.


2. Attire


All participants are required to dress comfortably in working clothes or warm during the winter season as wood workshops are not heated to room temperature. Closed and rubber-soled shoes are required for safety reasons. Those with long hair should carry a hair band.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided by Knock on Wood. Loose clothing and accessories (long sleeves, bracelets, necklaces, scarfs, etc.) must all be removed or tied for safety reasons.

3. Material


We provide all the necessary materials for the standard curriculum in guided activities (workshops and courses). Participants may be offered optional upgrades for an extra fee. 

4. Damage


Participants are liable for damage caused due to negligence. Therefore, all the tools and machinery we share have to be used purposefully and in a respectful manner.

Kids' and Teens' Activities

Children ages 8+ can attend the kids’ workshops without parental supervision. Parents are welcome to stay and observe/support their child throughout the activities, but will not be taught alongside the child.

At schools and in camps, these rules will apply in accordance with the client organisation.


1. Knowledge & Intellectual Property

Knock On Wood uses certain methodologies and models for teaching adults and children manual fabrication mainly in professional spaces. Ongoing projects of the professionals and projects and methodologies of Knock On Wood cannot be taken or copied outside our activities.

Knock On Wood runs an educational project with a social impact and we provide space, knowledge and opportunity to adults and children to craft in a safe environment yet in a modern way. Our participants’ satisfaction is important to us, therefore should you have tips and ideas for us to make things better, your feedback is more than welcome. 

2. Cancellation and rescheduling

In order to reschedule, a written request must be sent via email a minimum of 24 hours before the beginning of the workshop/course in question.

Bookings can be passed to another person at any time before the activity. The new participant must sign T&C's.

No refunds are issued in case of cancellation or no-show by the client.

For illnesses, a doctor's note is required, and 10% will be withheld for admin & transaction fees.

Knock on Wood reserves the right to reschedule/cancel courses and workshops if the minimum participant amount is not met. This number depends on the activity in question.

In case of cancellation by Knock on Wood, the client will be informed promptly to reschedule or pass their spot along to someone else. If a convenient solution cannot be found, the client can request a full refund.

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