7-9 only with parents even in the kids’ workshops

10-14 children can only attend the kids’ workshops without parental supervision.

At schools and in camps these rules will apply in accordance with the client organisation.


Everybody who legally resides in Switzerland has a liability insurance. Knock On Wood Geneva/Europe take no responsibility in case of accident and everybody uses our workshops and its equipment at his/her own risk. Our team teaches every participant the safest ways of using tools and machines. These guidelines must be respected at all times.

Up to date there are two large machines nobody is allowed to use in any of our workshops: the industrial scale table saw and the industrial scale table router.



Storage is not included in our activities. However, if the service provider or space owner allows storage, it will not be charged for up to three months. As we deal with a large number of users,  if we do not hear from the project owner for three months, the space owner has the right to clear the storage space and unattended projects may be destroyed. Therefore, every project has to indicate the starting date and the contact details of the participant.

Knock On Wood Geneva/Europe makes public announcements on its social media and communication channels to remind participants to collect their unfinished projects or finish them.



All participants are required to dress comfortably in working clothes or warm during the winter season as wood workshops are not heated to room temperature. Closed and rubber-soled shoes are required for safety reasons.

Ladies and girls should carry hair bands.

We provide safety goggles, sound protection and masks, however once one becomes a regular user it is best to have his/her own.



For many projects we can provide material for free as we have agreements with shops and from time-to-time receive cutoffs. However, for noble wood or special requirements the participant is requested to purchase his/her own material. We also provide basic woodworking accessories; screws, glue, tapes...etc. For special items the above applies.



Please mark your activity in your agenda as we do not provide refunds. However, feel free to pass on your slot to somebody if you cannot make it. You can reschedule your activity minimum 48 hours before the event. 

We reserve the right to cancel courses and group activities if the minimum participant amount is not met. This number depends on the activity in question. 



Participants are liable for damage caused due to negligence. Therefore, all the tools and machinery we share have to be used purposefully and in a respectful manner.


Knowledge, intellectual property

Knock On Wood Geneva/Europe use certain methodologies and models for teaching adults and children manual fabrication mainly in professional spaces.

Ongoing projects of the professionals and projects and methodologies of Knock On Wood Geneva/Europe cannot be taken or copied outside our activities.


Knock On Wood Geneva/Europe runs and educational project with a social impact and we provide space, knowledge and opportunity to adults and children to learn manual fabrication in a safe environment yet in a modern way. Our participants’ satisfaction is important to us, therefore should you have tips and ideas for us to make things better, your constructive feedback is more than welcome.