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Geometric Woodcarving inspired by Sergio Monterio de Castro

At least two more weeks to go in confinement and we thought we'd inspire you to keep on woodworking in order to stay balanced. There aren't many things you are allowed to do if you live in an apartment, therefore we'd like to share Sergo Montero de Castro's geometric woodcarving ideas. Sergio lives in Brazil and works as a professional woodcarver. He specialises in geometric designs in his ornaments and furniture. https://www.facebook.com/sergio.monteirodecastro.1

This activity isn't noisy or dusty, apart from some wood shavings you can easily collect. It doesn't require many tools or complex skills to get started and the result is a truly satisfying product.

What you need and where to get them. All these shops deliver with minor delays.

Razor sharp chisels max. two between 18 and 26 mm from https://www.galaxus.ch/en/s4/producttype/gouges-hand-planes-1084?tagIds=426-152

Linden/lime tree wood from https://www.boesner.ch/shop/plastisches-gestalten/holz-ton-speckstein/holz-und-zubehoer/lindenschnitzholz-1#683995

V-shaped outliner gouge https://www.boesner.ch/shop/plastisches-gestalten/holz-ton-speckstein/holz-und-zubehoer/bastlermeissel#695844. Failing that a sharp Swiss army knife will do too.

Clamp from https://www.galaxus.ch/en/s4/product/wolfcraft-ehz-pro-einhandzwinge-one-hand-tong-clamps-6146513

Pencil, ruler, erasor, fine sand paper

Below you'll find some photos of the process along with a video from Sergio.

Make sure you always outline before cutting to avoid running into the next pattern.

Your left hand always rests on the project to serve as a "break".

When the wood splits or behaves stubbornly, change direction to get nice shavings rather than broken pieces. Listen to the wood.

As you go deeper repeat the outlining with either the chisel itself or your knife so that you have a barrier around the shape.

In this video Sergio shows what needs to be removed and in what direction.


Happy carving and remember to share your creations via https://www.facebook.com/groups/Knockonwoodeurope/

KOW Team

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