Can I attend a workshop if I’ve never done woodworking before?

Yes. Our Introduction to Woodworking session is specifically designed for beginners to learn some basic skills and walk away with a beautiful final product. 

What do I need to wear?

Working clothes. Closed shoes and hair bands for ladies. Safety goggles and noise protection are provided.

Do I need to bring my own material?

For all the beginner and kids’ workshops we provide the materials. If you’d like to build your project from noble wood, you must pay for your material. We can source some species of noble woods for you.

Is it safe?

We make sure you learn all the rules and regulations as well as safety procedures in a wood workshop. Although we encourage you to use tools and machines, we do this slowly and under careful supervision. 

Also, we’ll ask you to sign a disclaimer to state that you do woodworking at your own risk and understood all our safety instructions.

Can I pay in cash if I don’t have a credit card?

Yes. You can pay at the door, although it’s easier for us to keep track of registrations and admin online.

How long can I store an unfinished project?

As we do not charge for storage but space is limited, every 6 months we do a spring cleaning and will remove abandoned projects. Make sure you finish yours and take it home.

What if I don’t speak English well?

That’s not a problem as we speak multiple languages and are used to speak many of them simultaneously during the workshops.

Can I discuss my individual project during the workshops?

Yes. However, please bear in mind that during the activity we are very busy serving and assisting the participants. Also, it’s noisy. Therefore we suggest you send your project plans before so that we see how feasible they are and we can make suggestions.

Can I stay with my kids for a workshop?

Yes. Please do. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond differently with your children.