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Experience woodcraft

Workshops & activities for children & adults

What we do

At Knock on Wood, our aim is to support  woodworking enthusiasts at every step of their journey - from that first spark of interest all the way to creating complex, bespoke projects.
We aim to share our passion for woodcraft and empower you to create.

Find our workshops in Geneva, Zurich, and (very soon) in Lausanne

If you're a beginner, you will leave with your first beautiful product after a discovery session.


As an experienced woodworker, you can become a member and access the facilities or just rent a workbench.

Our workshops are also a great place to bring a school class, a company team or your friends to build together.

Why woodworking?

Working with wood offers a wide range of benefits:

Take a break from your phone/laptop and work with your hands

Teach your mind to think in 3 dimensions and develop your creativity

Become independent and create items that fit your needs perfectly

Learn to consume

less and build things

that last


Our workshops




You will discover woodworking, woodturning, ornamental wood carving and you will gain confidence in handling tools and machines




We offer several summer camps for kids and teens and birthday party craft space with a take-home project

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Discover woodworking, woodturning and using machine with confidence and learn how to plan your own projects

Our story

The story

"Born and raised in Hungary, having lived and worked in the UK, Sri Lanka and Panama once I arrived in Geneva I was looking for a workshop where I could cut my Guadua Bamboo for sculpting.


I shouted out on Facebook to see if anyone knew a local workshop. Seeing at least 30 others were searching for the same, I decided to validate the idea of an open woodworking space. Everything began with that Facebook thread.


Fast forward a few years, and today Knock on Wood has its beautiful craft spaces in Geneva and Lausanne that serve as an umbrella organization for artisans wanting to grow in a collaborative environment. We also serve as an educational and recreational space for those who want to reconnect with manual skills and learn different crafts."

- Zsuzsanna Varga,  Founder

"Humans need tangible results of their work to be satisfied and balanced. Woodworking and handling tools ticks all the missing boxes".
Contact us

Contact us

Get in touch! For any queries or to arrange a tour of our woodworking studio, feel free to reach out through our contact form

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