We are in-and-around Switzerland and Hungary to show you 
where you can realise your projects or get started with woodworking in fully-equipped open wood workshops with the assistance of professional carpenters. You can also join themed workshops and events via Meetup or Facebook.


Get in touch and let us know what you’d like to make. The crazier, the better, so feel free to share what you had in mind.


Our goal is to promote woodworking by giving you the knowledge, space and tools to create your own masterpieces. We also want to foster a sense of community by giving a place to build, collaborate and learn together by taking small groups of people into fully-equipped professional wood workshops. See what we are up to these days and feel free to join our dynamic discussion group.

We are advocates of manual fabrications and the use of our hands as tools taking both adults and kids back to basics.The carpenters and woodworking coaches who joined the project, all offer different skill sets to assist you in realising your creations.



  • Introduction to Bricolage Workshops

  • Individual Projects with Professional Assistance


  • Saturday Morning Skills-based Activity with or without Parents


  • Skills- and Project-based courses from age 8 to 16 connecting academic knowledge to practical skills. There’s a strong focus on applying Math in action as well as on hand-eye-brain coordination and design thinking.

  • We also offer summer camp programmes in collaboration with state-sponsored organisations and  international schools.


  • Corporate team-building workshops

  • Either short (3-9 hours) sessions for team building purposes or sleep-in activities for building larger wood installations together with wood designers and carpenters.

  • We can also support coaches and trainers providing woodworking as a tool to achieve a tangible result and monitor team roles.